A Message From the Executive Director…

“We are all alchemists transmuting pain into aliveness, unwanted experiences into awakening.” (Rashani Rea)

Dear DICC Community and All,

Please know that we at DICC care so deeply about you, your family, friends and anyone who is part of you. We care outside of our own play yard extending throughout the world.

I see us individually and collectively try and do our best to confront the “pain and unwantedness” of our current new way of life while seeking understanding, hope, perspective taking and wellness. Thank you.

The range of thoughts, actions, decisions and impacts are beyond what one can imagine and articulate. Words are difficult to find, yet we are looking for them, both silently and openly. Let’s keep doing that as we adapt, adjust and sometimes just sit with what makes us happy and feel – whatever that may be. That is not always an easy task!

When the time comes, we will be together again and share our experiences. We will move forward based on our before, during and new times. I look so forward to those days. We will continue to ask for help and give help.

Be well and safe. Take extra good care of yourself and others. Keep on keeping on…

With deep respect and caring,

Denise Gomber, Executive Director


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Monday, June 20th – CLOSED in observation of  Juneteenth – DICC Center & SACC Programs

Friday, June 24 – SACC CLOSED

Monday, June 27 thru Friday, Sept 2 –  SACC Summer Camp @ BJM 8am-5pm

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