A Message From the Executive Director…

I am pleased to have this opportunity to share all that has happened at the Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center throughout 2015. My transition to the Executive Director position has been an exciting experience and one filled with great accomplishments on the part of the children, families, staff, board members, community partners and all who support us. Thank you!

We have continued a focus on program development in ways that ensure a strong intellectual, social, cultural and physical environment. This has been facilitated through day to day teaching and learning, staff development, family partnering and vigilance of goals, successes and endless possibilities. Staff have implemented curriculum and assessment that is child-centered and builds on the continuum of capabilities of each individual in every classroom. The children are actively engaged in learning and the genius in every child is nurtured through play and hands on experiences.

We are working on the beautiful playground build initiated in the prior year along with capital projects including: painting, building repairs, plumbing, cooling and heating systems, outdoor paving and environmental details that positively impact health and wellness that in turn supports all learning.

It has been a year of enhancing existing relationships and reaching out to create new ones. We have assessed all of our systems and practices that make us who we are, so that we live our vision and mission. While going deeper inwards, it has been a critical year to extend outward to the community. Our purpose is to best provide for all aspects of children and families lives within out center, outside of our center and within the Ithaca community at large.
We move forward with optimism and realism and commit to reciprocal positive outcomes for all. Cheers to 2016!

Denise Gomber, Executive Director


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