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A Message From the Executive Director…

It is an honor and privilege to both welcome you and share information about our early care and education environment at Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center. As many of you know, I have transitioned into the Executive Director position officially, as of July 1, 2015. It has been an excellent experience and I am highly committed to our work as we move forward together.

The past five year cycle of our organization has focused on many important areas of growth and development. Some include: fiscal stability; program offerings in terms of hours and accessibility; teacher focus on quality curriculum and instruction; staff development; family involvement; and re-branding.

I see the positive impacts on children and adults as a result of all of this great work. I have been a long standing advocate for DICC throughout my many years in Ithaca. I have every intention of learning from all of the factors that have contributed to the successes as well as challenges. And I have every intention to lead further growth and development of our mission, vision and goals.

My learning curve has been filled with helpful hours of listening, observing and interacting with children, families, staff, board members, funders and community partners. This has afforded me the opportunity to prioritize areas that are so important and create shared investment in our work.

This collective thinking has been a catalyst for the following focus areas:
• Outreach with existing and new funders and partners to increase financial, human and material resources
• Advocacy and action to address: living wage and increase compensation to our staff; affordable rates to families; regulatory improvements that best support early childhood
• Leadership and support that optimizes and accelerates our strengths, while simultaneously working through the challenges.
• Ongoing improvements to our indoor and outdoor learning environments
• Goals that build on accomplishments and further develop our practices for: innovation; family empowerment; inclusive and anti-bias environments; center and community outreach; school readiness; partnerships with youth agencies; and priorities determined by those served at DICC
• Collaborations that act as one on behalf of children and families through: relationship development; sustainability; and systems thinking
• Create a thriving environment that brings joy in our everyday interactions
• Live a commitment and vigilance for education, wellness and equity as human rights for everyone in our care and learning environment

Community means many things to each individual. I hope that whatever your desires are from DICC are true experiences that bring support and excellence to the education and care of your child(ren), your family and your friendships.

With Respect and Appreciation,

Denise Gomber, Executive Director


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  • October 10, 2016After School Rooms (Purple & Yellow) - OPEN FULL DAY
  • October 17, 2016 5:30 pmDICC Board Meeting
  • November 10, 2016 5:30 pmHarvest Dinner
  • November 11, 2016After School Rooms (Purple & Yellow) - OPEN FULL DAY
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