2017 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Today we write to you, not just as the Board of Directors, but also as parents and community members that believe in the important mission of the Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible impact the Center has on our own families and community.

The Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center is proud to be a part of the dynamic and inclusive Ithaca community and it remains our mission to provide innovative and affordable childcare, while supporting our staff and strengthening the community.  We celebrate that our facility is home to children, families, and staff representing a wide variety of racial, ethnic, language and socio-economic backgrounds. Diversity lies at the heart of the Center’s existence, where similarities and differences across all cultures and backgrounds are honored and discovered. It is this sense of shared community which helps to make attending the center such an exciting and positive experience for our children.

This past year has been one of growth and progress for the Center. We have continued to develop education-focused curriculum, complete classroom and playground enhancements, and strengthen external interactions with numerous community organizations. We are so proud of the hard work and dedication of our teachers and staff and all that we have been able to accomplish over the past year, but there remains much more work to be done.

As we approach a new year, please consider supporting the Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center. By doing so, you will be helping us to:

  • Perform necessary roof repairs and install new lighting ballasts to provide a safe learning and work environment for our children and staff;
  • Complete the construction of an onsite playground for our children, giving them access to an area designed to foster physical, social, and emotional growth;
  • Provide materials and resources for curriculum development and implementation that create a strong early childhood foundation for learning; and
  • Support individual, team, and all-staff development in current teaching and learning areas

Such an effort will not come without difficulties and that is why we desperately need your help. We need forward-thinking community members to help support the Center’s vision and mission of providing a creative and culturally diverse learning environment and cultivating a vital and inclusive community at large.

Your tax-deductible gift will be essential in supporting this mission and ensuring that every child that attends the Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center receives the highest quality of care, right here in Ithaca. Donate above.

Thank you for your generous support for the children, families, and staff who so proudly call the Downtown Ithaca Children’s Center home. We are ever grateful for your current and past support and hope that we can rely on your financial contribution once again this year to continue maintaining this invaluable community resource.

Cheers to you and yours as we bring in 2018.


Board of Directors:

Devin Craven, President

Shaianne Osterreich, Interim Treasurer

Courtney Gray, Secretary

Lisa Bontempi, Emilee Greene, Judy Kugelmass

Denise Gomber, Executive Director

Kellianne Smith, Staff Liaison