Eugenia Armstrong has worked at the DICC since 1996.  Originally from the Dominican Republic she is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. Her favorite part of working at the Center is seeing the children grow and learn; especially when she sees them years later and they still remember her.  Eugenia is married with two children, and loves music and dancing.

Michael Armstrong joins DICC in 2017.  He grew up in Newfield and further his education at Buffalo State College and SUNY Cortland.  Michael is fluent in English and Spanish. He is a loving father and son in a large extended family.  He enjoys basketball, football and baseball.

Maria Dominguez has worked at DICC as a substitute teaching assistant since 2011. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters.  Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Maria speaks English and Spanish fluently. She loves to travel.

Kieah Donna Ficarro has worked at the DICC since 1997.  She attended Tompkins County Community College for Early Childhood Education and has over 25 years of experience working with children.  Kieah’s favorite part of working at the Center is getting to interact with the children and their families. Kieah and her wife CJ enjoy spending time with their children, grandchildren, and extended family.

Valencia Gil started working at DICC in 2016.  She has 3 sisters, 2 brothers, a daughter, and grandsons.  Valencia loves basketball, baseball, reading, and board games.

Danielle Greene started working at DICC in 2016. She grew up in Ithaca and attended school in New Jersey. Danielle speaks English and Spanish fluently. She also enjoys basketball, drawing, reading and spending time with her young son.

Douglas LaFave has worked at the Dicc since 2015.  He has an associates degree in early childhood.  Douglas has been working with children since 1997.  He has five children and loves to garden, read, draw, and coach football and basketball.

Cassandra Landes started working at DICC in 2016.  She has three children and is from Ithaca.  Cassandra has her Associates degree in early childhood and over twenty years experience in working with children.

Julian Magee joined DICC in 2017.  Julian attended DICC as a toddler, his mother was one of the first employees and he volunteered as a teen.  He is a Newfield HS graduate with college education from both SUNY Cortland and TC3.  Julian is a basketball coach and aspiring chef  who enjoys photography in his free time.  He has worked with children for over twelve years in many capacities and says “it’s the only job that doesn’t feel like work!”

Lidin Marte has worked at the DICC since 2005.  Originally from the Dominican Republic, Lidin speaks fluent Spanish.  She had attended a two year college.  She has worked with every age group at the Center and she enjoys guiding children to strengthen healthy relationships and skills. She lives in Ithaca with her husband and three children.

Xiomara Marte has been working for the DICC since 2007.  She is from the Dominican Republic and speaks both English and Spanish.  Xiomara has three children and enjoys spending time with her family and cooking.

Ysabel  Marte has been working for the DICC since 2009, after attending college in the Dominican Republic.  She has a daughter, three sisters, and four brothers.  Ysabel enjoys dancing and playing baseball.

Laken Pickren started working at the DICC in 2016.  She completed one year of early childhood classes at BOCES.  Laken has one daughter.

Kellianne Smith has worked at the DICC since 2012. She graduated from Ithaca City School District (ICSD) in ’99, attending SUNY Cobleskill for Early Childhood. She has worked in the early childhood field since 2001. Kellianne has two sisters and three brothers. Kellianne particularly loves to paint, draw, and travel!

Christine Thomas started working at the DICC in 2014.  She is attending college at SUNY Cortland for Elementary Education.  Christine has 2 daughters and enjoys cooking, reading, movies, walking her dog, and spending time with her girls.

Krista Tripp started working at DICC in 2015.  She is a happily married mother to a blended family of four children – three sons and a daughter.  Krista enjoys camping, quilting, and crocheting in her free time.  Krista brings her dedication to the development of happy, healthy children and families, along with her organization and communication skills from over ten years of administrative experience to DICC.

Casey Warner has been with the DICC  as summer teaching support since 2015.  Casey has a BA in psychology with an emphasis in Child Development.  He loves baseball, music, playing board games.  Casey also plays the trumpet and a few other instruments.

Quane Welch has been with the DICC since 2010.  She has attended college at TC3 and has been working with children since 2009.  Quane has one sister and two brothers.  She enjoys traveling and family time.

Glenn Williams started working as summer teaching support at the DICC in 2016.  He is from Syracuse and has two sons.  Glenn enjoys baking, cooking, sports, and gardening.